Hiljaiset kallot, Salaliitto & Janne Tapio

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There hasn’t been enough Finnish music here lately. Let’s make amends by posting some of my recent favourites.

First we have Hiljaiset kallot and their debut 7″ single Miespaikalla Ruotsiin / Kaunis nainen. It’s been out for a while on Fonal Records and it’s definitely a crime that it took me this long to post it. Hiljaiset kallot carries the torch lit by the forever lovely TV-Resistori and delivers a couple of outstanding and unique pop songs. This one is the a-side Miespaikalla Ruotsiin.

Hiljaiset kallot Website


I posted about this single by Salaliitto a while back, but a reminder is in order because I just keep on listening to this all the time. Plus I still haven’t posted this b-side Kaikilla on aikaa, which is one of my favourite Finnish songs of the year. I can’t wait to hear the full-length. I probably have to wait for a long while though because getting those vinyls pressed takes ages these days. The single is available on their Bandcamp. This is Kaikilla on aikaa.


Salaliitto at Facebook


Janne Tapio released his self-titled debut album early in the summer. I remember this guy from Supernova Crush. Maybe that’s why I get all these Posies-vibes and melodic power pop vibes even though this doesn’t have that much to do with that. Anyway, together with Jussi Suonikko (whom you might remember as the violin/mandolin maestro of Hi-Lo & In Between), Janne Tapio has created a very good folk-tinged pop album. This is Hälytyskello from the album. You can buy/listen to the whole album on his Bandcamp.


Janne Tapio at Bandcamp


Maanvaiva & Hate Paper Doll

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My favourite song yesterday, today and probably tomorrow as well is Kalpeanaama by Maanvaiva. There isn’t too much information available on this internet thing, but what matters is that their debut release Tuuli / Kalpeanaama 12” maxi is now out and available on Gearwheel Records. I like both songs, but my favourite is definitely Kalpeanaama. Jukka Melametsä plays the guitar and Tom Stenman sings his heart out. I sure love that combination as a long time fan of The Refreshments and Mental Market. The maxi single can be bought from them directly (you’ll find the information on their Facebook) or pick it up from your local record store. At least Levykauppa Äx has it in stock.

Maanvaiva at Facebook


I have a good opportunity to turn this little blog entry into a Tom Stenman special and I can’t let that opportunity to pass me by. There’s a new band called Hate Paper Doll out there. A name from a Husker Du song and a line up of Tom Stenman, Näkä Hyle, Teemu Horto and Kim Kannussaari. What’s not to love. These guys have really delivered with their earlier bands and I’m 100% sure they are going to do that again. They have just started playing live and haven’t released more than demo, but here’s Afterlife from that demo.


Hate Paper Doll at Facebook

A Reminder of the Brilliance of J.E. Sunde by Daytrotter

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Well I suppose I didn’t really need a reminder of the brilliance of J.E. Sunde (or Daytrotter for that matter), but I’m so grateful that they made another session with him. I’ve been a huge fan since I heard his utterly wonderful solo album Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God. A way too unknown masterpiece that can get through all the layers you might have build around your heart.

This new Daytrotter session once again shows that J.E. Sunde writes the most inspiring and moving songs and I could listen to this all day long. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m crying a little when I write this. I haven’t been completely able to feel my left arm and leg for almost a year, but these songs. Man, I can feel everything about them. The songs are so vulnerable, but still they contain more strength than an army of wrestlers. It just rips off all the armor I’ve built around me. There goes crippling shyness and so long low self-esteem. Sure these things will come back to haunt me, but even when the armor is closed and back on me, there’s a certain light in there somewhere and that was planted by the songs of J.E.Sunde. That light reminds me that all these human weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses at all. They are just..well.. human. This was all very naive and cliche-ish of course. The point just was and is that I extremely highly recommend either picking up his album Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God or listening to this brand new and totally magnificent Daytrotter session. You need to be a member to be able to hear the whole session, but you can hear a few songs for free as well. Subscribing is definitely a good idea, because for a fairly small annual or monthly fee, you’ll get more great music than you’ll ever have the time to listen to. Also the most stunning moment of this session, the song Rabbit Rag and I is for members only.

J.E. Sunde Daytrotter Session
J.E. Sunde Website

And here’s A Blinding Flash of Light one more time from that album mentioned above. It was my favourite song of 2014. In fact, it very well might be my favourite song of the current decade.

The Songs Are All We Have (support Other Songs Music Co)

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Other Songs Music Co recently released a rarities compilation The Songs Are All We Have. The funds raised by this compilation will help them to release more songs and more records. Supporting small labels is extremely important and a cause I believe in. Other Songs Music co is also a label that I’ve grown to love during the past few years and therefore I wanted do my small part by a) buying this lovely compilation and b) writing this little blog entry about it.

Other Songs Music Co has released plenty of amazing albums during the past five years and long may it continue. I’m especially fond of Matt Paxton, Scott Orr and Timid The Brave, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their artists/releases. Actually if you are not that much into a compilation of rarities, b-sides and demos, but still want to support this lovely label, I highly recommend picking something from their back catalogue. That’s a treasure vault of warm folk albums. Besides being a very good songwriter, label boss Scott Orr has a good ear for talent and each Other Songs release is like a handpicked, heartwarming collection of songs. The songs might be all they have, but thankfully that’s often all we need.

You can buy this excellent compilation from their Bandcamp and pick the support package you want. This is Matt Paxton and a magnificent previously unreleased song Greenville Girl from the compilation.


Other Songs Music Co at Bandcamp
Other Songs Music Co Website

Tedo Stone – Marshes & T.Hardy Morris – Drownin’ On a Mountaintop

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Let’s turn it up a notch. Atlanta’s Tedo Stone will drop his new album Marshes into my heart on September 18th. I have high hopes for this one, because I’ve been really digging this first single of the new album during the past month. The previous album Good Go Bad was already very good one, but this new one might be something really special. This is To The Marshes from the forthcoming album.


Tedo Stone Website


Staying around the same neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. T.Hardy Morris released his new album Drownin’ On A Mountaintop in late june 2015. I’ve been a fan of this guy since the previous album Audition Tapes that even entered my best of the year list. However, T.Hardy Morris does challenge my taste a bit, because being a total pop wimp, some of the loud rockers do get on the edge of my comfort zone. I think that’s mostly a good thing, because I do need someone to kick me out of my constant self-pity and/or sad bastard moments and T.Hardy Morris is a good man for that job. It might not look convincing on paper, but garage rock and country music do work well together. This is Shit in The Wind from the new album that’s out now on Dangerbird Records.


T.Hardy Morris Website

Anthonie Tonnon – Successor & Fraser A. Gorman – Slow Gum

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A bit of pop music for a change and more things I’ve grown to adore during the past month. Well actually this didn’t really need to grow on me. It was pretty instant between me and Anthonie Tonnon. Here’s what happened. A guru of mine, Darren Hanlon put out the album on his label Flippin’ Yeah Industries, which is a high recommendation. So I wanted and needed to hear what this New Zealand-based songwriter had to offer. The man turned out to be a mighty fine songwriter. I think he gets this a lot, but the songs definitely fall in the same ballpark as Jens Lekman and The Magnetic Fields. I count that as a very good thing. Anthonie Tonnon. He’s the guy. This is Mt. Cargill from the new album.


Anthonie Tonnon Website

fraser gorman

Staying in the same corner of the world, but moving on to Australia. Fraser A. Gorman’s new album Slow Gum has been out for a month or so and has been getting some great reviews. I’ve heard some good songs from it before, but I’m really listening to the whole album for the first time while writing this little blog entry. His americana-tinged pop tunes surely fit quite nicely to this late night. This is Never Gonna Hold You (Like I Do) from his new album.


Fraser A. Gorman Website

The Roseline & Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles

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Here’s another one that’s been on heavy rotation for the past month. I’ve stumbled upon the name The Roseline, several times in the past, but didn’t start listening to them until this summer. A good thing I finally did, because their new album Townie is really good. It’s full of very enjoyable and highly melodic alt.country & americana. There’s a bit of Ryan Adams in there as well, which is probably a bit lame comparison (not meaning Ryan is lame. He is awesome, but comparing alt.country bands to him is often lazy and lame). Anyway, here’s one of my favourite tracks on the new The Roseline album. This is Selfish Heart.


The Roseline Website


Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles will be releasing a full-length album next month and based on these early outtakes the release date can’t come Soon Enough. The two songs that have surfaced so far are both absolutely gorgeous. Especially this amazingly beautiful song called Monticello. I could listen to this singing all day long. So good.

Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles at Facebook

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