Steven James Adams – Ideas (video)

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Back after a small Easter break. Watching hockey playoffs will take a lot of the spare time during the coming weeks, but I do have plans to write a lot of blog posts during this final year. Incredible amount of great releases have just been released or will be released during April. I need a 2nd job to buy everything I want and an extra month write about them all. So I can’t feature everything, but I try to write about the ones I love the most.

Let’s kickstart this with a fairly new Steven James Adams video Ideas that I just watched several times. His new album Old Magick has been out for almost a month on the great Fortuna POP! label, but I still haven’t heard it. So this is also a reminder to myself. This is something that I need to listen. Steven is a a great British songwriter and someone that I’ve listened to for over 10 years I think. The Broken Family Band was a big fave during the mid- and late 00s. After that it was Singing Adams and now Steven James Adams. Different names, same brilliance. I hope I manage to write more about this when I’ve heard the whole thing. At least Ideas and the earlier single Togetherness are both wonderful. This is Ideas.

Steven James Adams Website


Richmond Fontaine – New album and Finnish tour reminder

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Richmond Fontaine’s new and final album You Can’t Go Back, If There’s Nothing To Go Back To is now out and available on Decor Records and Fluff and Gravy. I’ve only listened to it a few times, but it’s already safe to say that they are going out with a bang. The High Country was good, but perhaps a little too challenging for my limited taste. This new one on the other hand. Oh my. This sounds absolutely brilliant and I can’t get wait to get fully drawn into these songs and stories during the coming days/weeks. Richmond Fontaine is one of the very best bands of the last twenty years and will be greatly missed. However, when it’s time to step aside, this is a magnificent way to do it. Release a 5 hearts out of 5 record and go on a tour to support it.

Thankfully Richmond Fontaine’s final tour will reach Finnish shores as well. They will be here in a few weeks time. These are duo concerts, but I’m still sure that these are going to be something very special. The Finland dates are these:

Richmond Fontaine (duo) + Fernando Finland tour.

5.4 – Helsinki, FI – Korjaamo
6.4 – Tampere, FI – Telakka
7.4 – Turku, FI – Gong

This is Whitey and Me from the new Richmond Fontaine album You Can’t Go Back, If There Nothing To Go Back To.

Richmond Fontaine Website

Caleb McCoach – Vanity

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Aimlessly browsing Bandcamp has been very rewarding lately. I’ve fallen in love with two albums during the past week. First that Nick Procyshyn album that I already wrote about and find absolutely thrilling and now this new Caleb McCoach album Vanity that I found yesterday and been listening to for hours and hours today.

Caleb McCoach is a folk singer-songwriter from Indianapolis and his new album just came out on In Store Recordings. There’s a serene and at times even hymnal beauty on this that fills my heart with warmness. Sure there’s a lot of sadness and fragility too, but somehow it gets overshadowed by the peace that runs through me while I’m listening to this. I can’t say I’m a very religous person, but a song like Love Yr Neighbor has a certain spiritual harmony that will find even the parts of my body that can’t be found from a human anatomy encyclopedia. The album sounds quite bare and lo-fi, but that’s actually a good thing and only adds to the intimacy and honesty of this little work of art. You can hear/buy the whole thing on his Bandcamp, but here are a couple of amazing songs from the album.

Small update a few days later:

This album is still so brilliant and I’ve spent a huge amount of time listening to it. Heavy issues so beautifully told. Painfully devastating human weaknesses and amazingly beautiful delivery go hand in hand. Vanity is a truly stunning album. I’m not sure does it really make sense, but it kind of does two things simultaneously, rips me open and makes me whole. It’s a real work of art.

Caleb McCoach at Facebook

Onoila – Yötulet EP

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A fairly new Turku-based band Onoila was a bit of a surprise entry to my Finnish albums of the year 2015 list. It really charmed me during the last few months of the year. A couple of days ago they released their new excellent Yötulet EP. Pauli Laasonen is a very good new songwriter who is getting better all the time. He also has his back covered, because there’s cats, tigers and other indie heroes playing in the band. I like the whole thing, but I’m especially fond of this title track Yötulet that you can hear below.

Onoila at Facebook

Bry Webb – Provider & Free Will

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In this blog world the time span for an album being relevant often seems to be counted in days or weeks, which of course is a load of nonsense. I can’t preach though, because I’m no better and often fail to write about the older releases that won my heart over. Let’s make a quick exception by shortly writing about Bry Webb’s solo albums Provider (2011) and Free Will (2014) . I bought these beauties from Zunior’s traditional boxing day sale and I keep on listening to these all the time. I admit that these haven’t gotten much airtime during the day, but Bry Webb has been my go-to guy for the late nights when I want to hear something peaceful that holds true value. Especially if I can’t get any sleep at all, I just put the headphones on and lay on the comfort of Provider. The only trouble is that it might make insomnia a wanted feature. In case you are unfamiliar with this Canadian musician, Bry is best known as the lead vocalist of The Constantines, but nowadays is making these beautiful singer-songwriter albums. I haven’t really ever been much into The Constantines, but perhaps I should give a proper try at some point, because I’m really into the solo output of two members of that bands Bry Webb and Steven Lambke.

Here’s a song from each of those Bry Webb those albums that I’ve grown to love during the last few months. Both are out and available on a great Canadian label Idee Fixe Records. First Rivers of Gold from Provider and then music video Prove Me Wrong from Free Will. Both are songs that I hold dear.

Bry Webb Website

Nick Procyshyn – By the Hallow

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I don’t know much about folk singer-songwriter Nick Procyshyn, but I’m listening to him right now instead of sleeping and he has a great thing going on. He seems to be a very good songwriter and there’s something so sweet in that voice. His album By the Hallow came out few days ago and it’s available at Bandcamp. I need to go back there tomorrow for a proper listening and/or buying session, because now I need some sleep. Work day kicks of 5am and it’s getting close to midnight. I let these soft and beautiful songs guide me into my dreams. I Don’t Mind and live video for the song Upon. Both outtakes from the new Nick Procyshyn album By the Hallow that is mighty good based on this brief listening session.

Nick Procyshyn at Facebook

Margo Price – Midwest Farmer’s Daughter

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Major news for the fans of country music. Margo Price will release an album later this month. I kept on stumbling upon the name Margo Price a few years ago when I was searching for new country artists. The name often popped up when I was reading about someone like Cale Tyson, but it was difficult to find the music. This is now about to change big time, because Third Man Records will release Margo’s debut Midwest Farmer’s Daughter on 25th of March.

I’m not sure will I get crucified, if I say that perhaps I haven’t been that enthusiastic about the first single Hurtin’ (on the Bottle). I like it. I like it even a lot, but it still wasn’t anything that special to me. However, I really love the other two outtakes About To Find You and this Hands Of Time that just surfaced a few days ago. This is such a brilliant song and I’m so eager to hear the whole thing in a few weeks time.

And here’s the music video for the first single Hurtin’ (On The Bottle).

Margo Price Website

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