Cale Tyson – Somebody Save Me (video)

March 9, 2016 § Leave a comment


Cale Tyson’s new album Careless Soul is coming out on Clubhouse Records in April. This is UK/Europe release. I’m not sure when it’s out in the states or for the indiegogo backers like myself. Anyway, it’s out soon enough for everyone to enjoy, love, get engaged with and marry.

I’m very eager to hear what Cale Tyson has to offer this time around. I’m a big fan of his early EPs that were filled with wonderful traditional country music. Cheater’s Wine was even my EP of the year a while back. I know that Cale has taken a slightly different route and Careless Soul will be a country-soul record that was recorded at FAME studios. I’m not least bit worried though and I’m sure that even though the route is somewhat modified, the new Cale Tyson songs will reach the same destination as the old ones, the core of my heart. Before getting too cheesy (too late I’m afraid), let’s stop this pointless rambling and let the man sing a song. This is Somebody Save Me from the forthcoming Cale Tyson album Careless Soul.

Cale Tyson Website


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