Caleb Caudle – Carolina Ghost

March 10, 2016 § Leave a comment


North Carolinian songwriter Caleb Caudle released his marvellous new album Carolina Ghost on Feb 26 with the help of This Is American Music. My own expectations for the album were ridiculously and probably even unfairly high after glorious Paint Another Layer on My Heart, but Caleb Caudle still manages to fill them. Excellent singing, timeless country sounds, a sense of clarity and a warm-hearted human presence all-around. Caleb also has that unashamedly romantic pop sensibility in his songwriting and therefore there’s a lot to love here even for pop fans who might not usually be that much into country troubadours. I’m a pop guy at heart so I love that melodic side of Caleb a lot. I should go on and on about this, but perhaps it’s better you just listen to him sing. This is Tuscaloosa from Carolina Ghost that is out now on This Is American Music.

Caleb Caudle Website


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