Steven James Adams – Ideas (video)

March 31, 2016 § Leave a comment


Back after a small Easter break. Watching hockey playoffs will take a lot of the spare time during the coming weeks, but I do have plans to write a lot of blog posts during this final year. Incredible amount of great releases have just been released or will be released during April. I need a 2nd job to buy everything I want and an extra month write about them all. So I can’t feature everything, but I try to write about the ones I love the most.

Let’s kickstart this with a fairly new Steven James Adams video Ideas that I just watched several times. His new album Old Magick has been out for almost a month on the great Fortuna POP! label, but I still haven’t heard it. So this is also a reminder to myself. This is something that I need to listen. Steven is a a great British songwriter and someone that I’ve listened to for over 10 years I think. The Broken Family Band was a big fave during the mid- and late 00s. After that it was Singing Adams and now Steven James Adams. Different names, same brilliance. I hope I manage to write more about this when I’ve heard the whole thing. At least Ideas and the earlier single Togetherness are both wonderful. This is Ideas.

Steven James Adams Website


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