Kalispell – Printer’s Son (new album June 3rd)

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Here’s another shout out of great things to come this summer. Kalispell’s wonderful album Printer’s Son will finally see the light of the day thanks to Cartouche Records. I backed the Kickstarter project so I got the digital copy sometime last year and absolutely fell in love with the album. It would have been in my top 10 for the year, but I asked Shane Leonard about the release date and he told me it will come out officially in 2016. Therefore I left it out and saved it for my best of 2016 list.

Shane Leonard is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with Field Report, J.E.Sunde, Stray Birds etc. Hopefully Printer’s Son will turn him from liner note wizard to a front row hero. Kalispell deserves a lot of love. The album is a thing of great beauty where old Appalachian music gently collides with modern folk music. The pre-order is now up on Cartouche Records website. I think I might have to pick up that vinyl myself as well, because that early digital copy is not enough. The excellent first outtake from the album Windfall is now available and you can hear it below.


Kalispell Website


Frederick Squire – Spooky Action at a Distance (new album May 27)

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There’s not enough talk about the greatness of Canadian songwriter Frederick Squire. At least not in this corner of the world where I reside. I think his albums March 12 (2010 release) and Sings Shenandoah and Other Popular Hits (2011) are both amazing. I was late to this party though and only acquired them some years later. Probably haven’t even written about them because of that. Another reason why I should write about older albums, because March 12 has become very dear to me since I picked it from Zunior’s Boxing day sale few years back.

Fred is also the Fred in Daniel, Fred & Julie and a former member of Shotgun & Jaybird. I haven’t listened to the latter one yet, even though that’s probably a criminal offense. Just like in Fred’s case, I’m familiar with Shotgun Jimmie’s future actions though (he also has a new album out on You’ve Changed and I’m planning on writing about that one later). Anyway, this was just an early shout out to tell you that a) Frederick Squire is marvellous and b) He has a new album Spooky Action at a Distance coming out May 27th and I couldn’t be more excited to hear it. The first outtake Bike Thief surfaced a couple of days ago and it sounds mighty good to me. You can judge yourself by hitting that play button below.


And here’s a couple of should-be classics from the older albums mentioned above.



Frederick Squire at Bandcamp

Jake Nicoll – Two Things & Half Of Nothing

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Jake Nicoll plays the drums for my big favourite The Burning Hell, but apparently he is also a great songwriter. He recently released a double album Two Things / Half Of Nothing. I’m still in the stage of processing all that beauty that these albums injected into my heart, but I’m definitely impressed about this all. It’s not an easy task to make an epic double and hold it together through the whole journey. Many of these feel very personal songs and are little windows into his life. These are also kind of like motivational tapes for me, because more than a few of them give simple, but true insights about life and by doing so they make me want to overcome the self-doubt that is continuously crippling me. Here’s a couple of great examples of Jake’s songwriting abilities. One from each of these albums that are available for 5 CAD per album over at Bandcamp. My Friends from Two Things and Little Lies from Half Of Nothing.



Hallelujah The Hills – A Band Is Something To Figure Out

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Hallelujah The Hills from Boston, MA dropped their new album A Band Is Something To Figure Out into our laps yesterday on the 12th of April. I really loved the previous one Have You Ever Done Something Evil?, which is one of the finest American indie rock albums of the past few years. Perhaps this new one hasn’t reached that ridiculously high level yet in my books, but we are getting closer and closer each given day. Actually these HtH albums always tend to be growers, so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that you will find me up on the rooftops shouting “A Band is Something to Figure Out is the best thing ever!” by the time the summer comes. This is The Girl With Electronics Inside from the new Hallelujah The Hills album.


Hallelujah The Hills Website

Daniel Markham – Disintegrator (coming out 6th of May)

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Major news if you ask me. Daniel Markham will release his new album Disintegrator on 6th of May. The regular readers of this little blog/website are well aware that I absolutely love the previous Daniel Markham album Pretty Bitchin’. It’s one of my favourite albums of this current decade. Needless to say that I’m extremely excited that there will be follow-up in a few weeks time. I just pre-ordered over at Bandcamp and can’t wait to get my hands on the album when it arrives. I will get back to this once I’ve actually heard the album. So far I’ve only heard this title track and opening track Disintegrator and I LOVE IT. Popmatters also has a premiere going on for the music video for the song. So follow this link, if you want to get both sound and vision.

As previously mentioned, the pre-order is currently going on at Bandcamp. This is Disintegrator.


Daniel Markham at Facebook

Suomen Zorro – Hölmö humalainen Maria

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Suomen Zorro released a new single from their forthcoming debut album on 1st of April. My apologizes that it took me so long to write about this one. Life has been busy with the hockey playoffs and Richmond Fontaine concerts etc . The few regular readers are probably well aware that I love all things Vähäsarja and this new song isn’t an exception. He definitely is one of the finest new songwriters in the country and Hölmö humalainen Maria is once again a brilliant and unique song. I can’t wait to hear the whole debut album that is due out on Sound Of Finland later in the year.

Suomen Zorro at Facebook

Eric Bachmann – Eric Bachmann

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I spent the week mostly listening to Richmond Fontaine, because they were touring here (and played a spectacular concert, definitely among my all time faves despite some disturbances from thrash metal concert that took place upstairs). Therefore I didn’t have much time to listen to other new music before this weekend.

My favourite album of the weekend has been the new Eric Bachmann album. I’ve been listening to it all weekend long. I can’t say Eric Bachmann’s song vault is my biggest expertise. Actually it’s probably been something like a decade since I last listened to him a lot. Dignity and Shame by Crooked Fingers meant a lot in the mid 00s, but I’ve lost touch since that. It’s definitely time to reacquaint my heart with Eric’s songs, because this new self-titled album is an absolute beauty. Such a compassionate hug is much needed in this current world where complete lack of empathy to one another seem to be a running theme. This is Mercy from Eric’s new album that is now out on the always great Merge Records.


Eric Bachmann Website

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