Brian Wright – Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1.

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Brian Wright’s latest release (and a couple of older ones) CafĂ© Rooster Sessions Vol 1 is name-your-price deal over at Bandcamp. I’m not sure will the songs appear later in other shape or form, but I think they are gorgeous as they are. So it was a good decision to throw a few bucks in the jar and put these into the iPod. Brian Wright is an excellent songwriter. This is the opener Tarantula.

Brian Wright Website


Mikko Joensuu – Amen 1

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I never really got totally into Joensuu 1685. My loss I would assume, because a lot of folks whose taste I trust really loved them. I probably figure it all out in a few years and start shouting their name from the rooftops decade too late. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Moving on to 2016 and it’s time for Mikko Joensuu’s solo debut and first part of his Amen trilogy. Amen 1 is a magnificent album and now I’m definitely on board. The serene, fragile and hymnal beauty of this is remarkable. The title Amen 1 and songs revolving around spiritual issues might scare someone away, but you don’t really have to be a religious type to get lost in the everlasting wistful beauty of the songs. Gods like Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt have been namedropped on several reviews, but besides the North American folk tradition, there’s also something very Finnish in here as well. There’s a song or two that remind me of Topi Saha and I can easily hear him covering them in my head. In all fairness, I have no words to describe this. The first version just had the word “speechless” and song samples in it. I should have stuck with that. Amen 1 is a wonderful album and I’m so eager to hear where Amen 2 and Amen 3 will take me.

Mikko Joensuu Website

And continuing the subject with one of my favourite songs of the year.

Caleb McCoach – Love Yr Neighbor

Koria Kitten Riot – The Laughing Man (single)

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Hey there’s a new Koria Kitten Riot song out there and it’s mighty. Where’s the parade? I want to join the party. The single The Laughing Man is the first outtake from the forthcoming Koria Kitten Riot album due out later in 2016 on their new label VILD. Hear the song below and then set up a camp outside the record store and wait for the whole beautiful album to arrive to your heart.

Koria Kitten Riot Website

Album of the Month – Daniel Markham – Disintegrator

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Daniel Markham’s new album Disintegrator has been sitting on that Album of the Month slot for so long that it’s probably already time to choose the next one, which will probably The Party by Andy Shauf. First I need to praise this one a little bit. Disintegrator has been on heavy rotation for the past month and it’s among the finest releases of the year so far.

I really fell in love with Daniel Markham’s music when the previous one Pretty Bitchin’ came out and our relationship is still going strong. I’m magnificent at turning into sort of a miserable fellow for no apparent reason and therefore it’s good to have guys like Daniel kicking me around in a good way. When the needle drops on Disintegrator, the previously mentioned miserable fucker turns into a smiling lunatic who is playing air guitar and singing along to these short but great rock’n’roll tunes. For example the song Zelda is so wonderful. Oh how I love that one. The little chorus is a pure bliss for a power pop fan. Melodic distortion is always my thing and some of these take care of that department perfectly. Calling it power pop would still be very far-fetched, but there’s a whole lot of 90s alternative rock influence there. And a lot of slower, darker and folkier stuff as well. Call it what you will, I just call it an album that I love wholeheartedly. Here a couple of great songs from the album.

DANIEL MARKHAM – Disintegrator from Judd Myers on Vimeo.

Daniel Markham Website

Hayes Carll – The Magic Kid (video)

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One more for tonight, because I’m trying to catch up after not posting for a month. Hayes Carll dropped a new album Lovers and Leavers during that time. It doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like it. The Magic Kid has become my favourite moment of the album and this beautiful music video probably played a little part in that process. Sure I liked the song from the get-go, but this warmhearted video brought a joyful tear to my eye and added another layer to this tremendous and inspirational song. The song is actually about his own son Eli. This is The Magic Kid by Hayes Carll.

Hayes Carll Website

Pony Bradshaw – Bad Teeth

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I had extremely high hopes for the Pony Bradshaw album Bad Teeth, because the first outtake Josephine was/is a mighty fine candidate for the song of the year award. Bad Teeth is finally out and available at Bandcamp and it mostly fills my expectations. Ok, perhaps nothing else completely reach the same mountain high level of Josephine (Work comes close), but that would have been an unfair assumption, because that is such a monster of a song. There’s no shortage of great songs on the album and there’s so much to love. Especially the latter half of the album is friggin’ awesome. Work, Bad Teeth, Lafayette and Josephine is one hell of a way to finish an album. These slow tempo ones really drill their way into my heart. A very impressive album.

Pony Bradshaw at Facebook

John Klemmensen and the Party

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Lately I’ve spent my nights watching every John Klemmensen & The Party video I’ve been able to find. I ended up checking out his songs a week or two ago because of some old short Arliss Nancy tweet posted sometime last year and kind of instantly fell for this music. John Klemmensen is one incredible vocalist and often there’s a heavenly good female vocalist backing him up. I could listen these two sing all day long. Then add some high quality honest and fragile rock songs and you have a winning formula. Or at least you should have winning formula. They seem to be way too unknown outside of their hometown Omaha and it’s been a bit hard to find a lot of information or songs to listen to. I did order the latest vinyl Party All Night from their Bandcamp, so hopefully that will arrive on my doorstep in the coming weeks.

Here’s a couple of those John Klemmensen & The Party videos that I’ve been watching. Just listen to this man sing his heart out.

John Klemmensen and the Party at Bandcamp

John Klemmensen at Facebook

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