Birger Olsen – The Lights Just Buzz

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One more for tonight. Mama Bird Recording Co from Portland, Oregon is about to release a new album later in June and well we love Mama Bird here at the headquarters so this is always a matter of great significance. They don’t release that many albums, but when they do release an album, you can count on it to be an awesome handpicked treasure. So it’s time to give an early shout out about their forthcoming release, The Lights Just Buzz by Birger Olsen that is due out on 17th of June. You might or might not know Birger from the country band Denver (that’s also on Mama Bird). He also sang a few songs on the last two Denver albums. The ones that sort of reminded me of Ted Lucas. Although that similarity is/was probably just in my head.

Birger Olsen has a really low singing voice and it might take a while to get used to that. However, give him a little bit of time and I’m fairly sure that the voice slowly turns into one of the biggest and most charming strengths of his music. This whole beautiful thing is set in the blues and country territory with light jazzy vibes and gospel bits adding another layer to the sound. I love that they’ve somehow managed to keep it sounding so small, subtle and warm even though there’s a lot of interesting things going on in the songs. This is the title track Lights Just Buzz and the only available song at this point time.

Birger Olsen Website


Arliss Nancy – Greater Divides

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Then something a little bit different. The new and excellent Arliss Nancy album Greater Divides might not be a complete match with my music taste, but it’s not far off either. Every now and then I sure can use a bit of rock’n’roll that falls close to the same ball park as things like The Replacements, Gaslight Anthem, Two Cow Garage, Damn Seagulls etc. In fact I probably need that to keep functioning as a living soul. Arliss Nancy has also been my work day soundtrack lately, because it’s a good empathetic kick in the groin, if the physical labor tries to drag my mind or body down. Greater Divides is now out and available on Gunner Records. This is DuFresne from the album and below that you’ll find the music video for the song Bar Of The Century.

Arliss Nancy Website

Michael McDonald – The Last Day

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This is a welcome surprise and also a major news event on the One Chord to Another scale. Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a new Michael McDonald album The Last Day ready, willing and able to charm us with its gentle beauty. And no, this is not that Michael McDonald. This is even better than that. This is the originally North Carolinian master of sweet pop songs who is living in Finland. His previous album Finally was the album of the year 2006 on this little blog of mine and the long time readers know the degree of love I have for that album. Damn hard to believe it’s been ten years though. Feels like that was yesterday. Perhaps because my heart is once again filled with Michael’s serene and timeless pop songs. This beautiful album is available at least on his Bandcamp page. This is Will I See You Again from the album. This matters.

Michael McDonald at Bandcamp

PURSES – Obsess Much

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The release of the PURSES album went without a mention in late April, because I was a little bit sick at the time. Actually Obsess Much by PURSES was the only proper medication I had for this severe case of man flu and eventually it did the trick and kicked the flu out of my system and replaced it with a high dose of marvellous indie rock. PURSES is an Athens, GA based collective that is build around the songs of Drew Beskin. His earlier groups The District Attorneys and Party Dolls are wonderful and the new band follow their lead by being nothing short of brilliant. This is a great tune called In And Over My Head from the album that is out and available on a new label called Laser Brains.

PURSES at Facebook

Matt Paxton – Let Me Rock N’ Roll Tonight

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Canadian songwriter Matt Paxton might not be a household name (not yet anyway), but we love him here at the headquarters. I’ve been eagerly waiting this new Aaron Goldstein produced material for a year or two and therefore this is major news for me. The new 5-song Matt Paxton release Let Me Rock N’ Roll Tonight came out on 3rd of June on the forever lovely label Other Songs Music Co. I set the bar unfairly high for this release, but still Matt and his songs easily go over it and land gently into my heart. You can listen to/buy the whole thing over at Bandcamp. This is the ending song Can’t Say Your Name of this beautiful treasure.

Matt Paxton at Facebook

Ethan Crump – Hellfire and Amazing Grace

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It’s well past 3am, but there’s enough time for one more tonight. It’s Ethan Crump from Hartwell, GA and his debut EP Hellfire and Amazing Grace that also came out last Friday 3rd of June. I don’t know too much about this 19-year old folk/country singer-songwriter, but the kid is definitely very talented. I like each and every song on this 5 song EP, but let’s go with the excellent title track. Hellfire and Amazing Grace is a song inspired by his grandparents. It’s a well-crafted song and a story beautifully told. I love it. You can listen/buy the whole thing on his Bandcamp page.

Ethan Crump Website

Suomen Zorro – Muistan sinut Maria

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Yesterday also brought us a great Finnish album. Sound of Finland released the new Suomen Zorro album Muistan sinut Maria. This is a big deal for me, because I hold Suomen Zorro and their songwriter Petri Vähäsarja in very high regard. Muistan sinut Maria is a success and further proof of their talent. I was a little bit worried that the label might try to turn them into something far more common, far more radio friendly and far more boring. Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case (at least not to an extent that it would be any kind of an issue) and the world of Suomen Zorro is still a little bit weird and blissfully twisted albeit often delivered in beautiful harmony. Even though the album title gave it away, I was pleased to find out that the album also contains a big old favourite song Kuusi syliä. Still love that song and it’s good to have that song officially available.

Suomen Zorro at Facebook

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