Darrin Bradbury – Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook

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Darrin Bradbury will release his new album Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook on 9th of September. He is a great songwriter and storyteller from East Nashville. Besides the songs I highly recommend his recent blog entry called Sudden realizations, my dog has zero clue I’m a songwriter. It sure made me smile. Anyway, this is an early shout out about the forthcoming album that is most likely wonderfully. I’ll get back to this once I’ve heard the album. This is Darrin Bradbury’s marvelous new song Counting On Love.

Darrin Bradbury Website


Matt Woods – The American Way (video) + album pre-order

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A long time favourite Matt Woods from Knoxville, TN, is about to release his new album How To Survive in October. The excellent lead track The American Way surfaced about a month ago and the pre-order is now up at therealmattwoods.com. He was recently on tour with Austin Lucas and Sally and damn how I would have loved to see one of those concerts. Here’s the video for the new song The American Way. I’ll get back to this when the whole album is out and available.


And here’s an older song I love from his 2014 album With Love From Brushy Mountain album. This one is called Tiny Anchors.

Matt Woods Website

Dori Freeman – Go On Lovin’ (video)

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I made short entry about Dori Freeman’s marvellous self-titled debut album some months ago. A revisit is in order, because the album is still on my playlist and I haven’t posted this music video for the song Go On Lovin’. I’m very fond of this beautiful song. The album came out in February on Free Dirt Records.

Dori Freeman Website

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles – Monticello (video) and Soon Enough UK/Europe release

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted this video of Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles singing Monticello and that just isn’t right. It’s my favourite song from their excellent Soon Enough album that came out last year in the states. I bought it back then, but it’s also now officially out in the UK/Europe on the great UK-based americana/country label Clubhouse Records. There’s also UK tour coming up in the fall. So don’t miss that, if you live in the area. Finnish folks like yours truly just have to settle at jealously mirroring their sad face from the bottom of the whiskey glass while listening to this beautiful song. Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles and Monticello.

Erin Rae Website

Album of the Month: Andy Shauf – The Party

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I guess I need to make another quick post about the new Andy Shauf album The Party, because it has been standing on that album of the month slot for couple of months. This Canadian songwriter is just utterly brilliant. Actually if I did some sort of mid-year list for 2016, this would probably be on the first place. Well it’s either this or the last Richmond Fontaine album. At least that’s how I feel about it now. Things might change by the time we get to December, but there isn’t an any kind indication that my love for this album would start fading away. It’s an absolute beauty of an album and I love it to bits. A wonderfully orchestrated and arranged collection of songs that makes me forget time and place and I end up dragged into the life of these people, their stories and narratives. The Party is a colourful pop masterpiece. All songs are winners, but my favourite is probably Martha Sways that ends the album in perfect fashion. Five hearts any day of the week. The Party is now out on ANTI- (US/Europe) Arts & Crafts (Canada).


Andy Shauf Website

Claire Cronin – Came Down a Storm

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I fell for Claire Cronin’s songs late last year when I heard her album Over and Through. Her new album Came Down a Storm is a collaboration with Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich. Together they’ve created a captivating collection of dark folk songs full of melancholic beauty. The spectrum is definitely wider thanks to John’s excellent production, but they aren’t trying to reinvent this. They are still relying on the same strengths that made the earlier album special and thankfully so. I really love that sort of bare, but still somehow intense mood that is crawling into my ears wrapped into her gorgeous voice. Came Down a Storm is now out on Ba Da Bing Records.


Claire Cronin Website

Twain – LA / BMG (video)

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I’ve red that there will be new Twain music coming up in the not-too-distant future. Oh well, I suppose even a day might feel like too distant in this case, because Twain aka Mt Davidson is so brilliant. While waiting for the new stuff, I recommend this incredibly lovely video that surfaced a year ago. I missed it back then and found it about a month ago, but now I’ve watched it more times than I can count. Which in the end might not be as much as you imagined, because my math skills are horrible, but I do love the song and the video.

Oh and I can’t leave this one out either. Here are The Deslondes + Twain singing Run Wild. Hopefully The Deslondes and Twain combo will hit Finnish shores someday.

Twain Website

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