Turner Cody – Hiding in Plain Sight

August 18, 2016 § Leave a comment


Turner Cody is a New York-based songwriter and he just released a new album Hiding in Plain Sight. During the recent years, I’ve been very fond of the Turner Cody songbook. Especially his last two albums The Last of the Big Time Spenders and Plans and Schemes have spent a lot of time in my head and heart. The song I Know How I Feel About You is something that I hold very dear. One of my biggest song addictions of the past couple years. That’s only the brightest diamond though. There’s a lot of treasures in that songbook. All kinds of people from Reed to Richman comes to mind occasionally, but every song is still very much signature Turner Cody. Why this beautiful man isn’t world famous is one of life’s greater mysteries.

The new one Hiding in Plain Sight is another great addition to this song catalog. It’s only out on iTunes and Spotify (at least at the moment). Here are a couple of early favourites from the new album.

And here is I Know How I Feel About You from The Last Of the Big Time Spenders. It’s a fairly simple idea, but it’s such a lovely song. This song is a friend to me and life is better with this song and Turner Cody on it.

And here’s a few more from Mr. Turner Cody.





Turner Cody Website


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