turns 15: Bobby Emmett – Queen of Hearts

September 5, 2016 § Leave a comment


I recently learned that the magnificent Bobby Emmett plays in Sturgill Simpson’s band these days. That’s pretty cool, because I do love Sturgill. However, I still hope Bobby finds some time to write his own pop masterpieces as well. In my books, his 2009 release Learning Love is one of the finest pop albums of this current century. It was the album of the year back in 2009 and I still love it to bits. All power pop kids should have this one. It has the hooks, the melodies and it’s catchy-as-hell. Albeit Sturgill’s music might actually be closer to my current taste in music, records like this are still the foundation of music taste. Here is Queen of Hearts, the brilliant opener of Bobby Emmett’s album Learning Love. reaches 15 years on September 17. Leading up to that, I will be sharing some songs that I hold dear. Songs that I’ve loved the most during the years I’ve been making this. So basicly just some nostalgic crap, but with a damn brilliant soundtrack


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