Matt Woods – How To Survive

October 9, 2016 § Leave a comment


This has been an incredible music year. It feels like there’s 3-5 excellent albums coming out each Friday. I probably would struggle to keep up even if was a full-time job. Unfortunately it’s not, but I’ll do my best (which isn’t very much at the moment). October 7th brought us new excellent albums from Matt Woods, Dan Edmonds, Zachary Lucky, Hiss Golden Messenger and Zach Schmidt. Plus all the great stuff that I’m not aware of.

I’ll start going through this latest new music Friday with Matt Woods from Knoxville, TN and his new album How To Survive. I’ve had it on heavy rotation and think it’s a wonderful country / americana album. Matt has the perfect voice for this kind of music and his singing would carry even weak song material into my heart. The songwriting is far from weak though. It’s damn good all the way through the album. Matt Woods also has an all-star or should be stars cast playing with him on the album. Including some of my personal heroes like Aaron Lee Tasjan and Todd Beene. Here’s the music video for the first single The American Way and a couple of outtakes from the album. You can hear/buy the whole thing on his Bandcamp or buy physical copies from his website.

Matt Woods Website


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