John K. Samson – Winter Wheat

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Canadian songwriter John K. Samson has a new solo album Winter Wheat out on ANTI- Records. Actually it’s been out for about a month now, so it’s rather criminal I haven’t even mentioned it. That’s due to reasons that a) my vinyl copy hasn’t arrived to the local store yet, so I’ve only listened to it a few times on Spotify b) I’d like to believe that the greatness of John K. Samson and The Weakerthans is a universally acknowledged truth and therefore writing about the new album isn’t entirely necessary, because everyone buys a copy anyway and I would just be preaching to the choir. Part b, the universal fame of John K. Samson might not be completely true, at least not to an extent that I would like it to be, but hey, one has to believe in something.

That previous rambling might have given it away, but I do think John K. Samson is one of the finest songwriters in the solar system. His new album Winter Wheat and I are in the very beginning of our mutual path, but I feel comfortable in following him through whatever awaits me. I’m pretty sure our common path will be filled with wonderful short stories presented in form of captivating songs. This is Postdoc Blues from the new album.

John K. Samson Website


M. Lockwood Porter – Reach The Top (video)

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M. Lockwood Porter’s latest and finest album How To Dream Again came out a couple of months ago. A revisit is in order, because the album is gorgeous and unfortunately perhaps even more important now than during the time of the release. Plus there’s this new music video for the song called Reach The Top.

M. Lockwood Porter Website

Mike Gale & Ilona V – Dream Pool

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Mike Gale from Co-Pilgrim and Ilona V releasing an album together. Now there’s a blast from the past, but a very welcome one. They made an EP many many moons ago, which I liked a lot. If you are a really long time visitor you might even remember my really passionate affection towards the songs of Ilona V. Nothing has changed during the years. I still adore those songs and I’m still convinced that some reissue label will find those songs in 2030 or something and then we will appreciate Ilona V like we do Sibylle Baier today.

Back to 2016 for the time being. The UK-label Battle Worldwide Recordings recently released Dream Pool by Mike Gale & Ilona V and it’s beautiful. This is Barbed Vane, my early favourite from the album.

Klasu – Eksyn vuoksesi (single / video)

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Klasu’s new digital single Eksyn vuoksesi / Luulin et kuulit came out on Drink Tonight Records a few weeks ago. I’m liking it a lot as was expected. Here’s the music video for the song Eksyn vuoksesi.

Klasu Website

Kent Eugene Goolsby – Temper of The Times

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Time flies by and I’m failing to keep up with all the new releases. I still try to at least until the end of this year. Then I probably close the books for whole January and think things through and decide whether it’s worth it to keep going as usual, if I don’t have the time or energy to do this as well as I would like to. 90% sure that I will continue one way or another, because music means the world to me and songwriters are the people that both a) make the soundtrack for the good times b) carry me through the dark times and convince me that even the longest night eventually leads into daylight.

Kent Eugene Goolsby is a Nashville-based folk / americana singer-songwriter and his new album Temper of the Times came out on November 11th. It’s a very impressive album and during the last few years Kent has grown to become a really great lyricist. Some of the insightful lines in these songs trigger something good in me by making me recognise patterns in my actions (or lack of actions) that don’t make a whole lot sense. Here’s The Stone from the new Kent Eugene Goolsby album. You can buy/hear the whole thing on his Bandcamp.

Kent Eugene Goolsby Website

Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms – Innocent Road

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This has been a bit of surprise favourite for me. I didn’t know Caleb Klauder or Reeb Willms before I hit the play button, but they sort of instantly won my heart over. Innocent Road is a truly enjoyable album and no matter how brokenhearted it gets, I keep on smiling all the time. Old-fashioned country duets with sweet harmonies and vintage country sounds. Both originals and classics. The song below is their version of There Goes My Love by Buck Owens that might well be my favourite moment on Innocent Road. Whole thing is great though. Traditional American country music done right.

Caleb Klauder Website

Viljami Kukkonen – Joko lähdetään (video)

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Viljami Kukkonen has a new music video for the song Joko lähdetään. It’s an outtake from his 2015 album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu, which was my favourite Finnish album of that year. Jos rakkaus tapahtuu is a finally getting a vinyl release as well. So if you didn’t purchase a copy just because you don’t care for those compact disc thingies anymore, there are no reasons to hold back now. The album is gorgeous and there will be a special church concert to celebrate the vinyl release of it. It will take place at Finlaysonin Kirkko, Tampere on the 11th of November. Check out Viljami’s FB for more information. Here’s the new video for the song Joko lähdetään. It was directed by Teemu Niukkanen.

Viljami Kukkonen at Facebook

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