Video of the Day #80: Matti Jasu & The Loose Train

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Matti Jasu wrote a lot of amazing pop songs for Goodnight Monsters and I’ve been eagerly waiting his new material. Now the wait is almost over. Matti Jasu will perform at Flavour of the Month on friday 2nd of december with his new band and today this cool video of a song called Fingers Crossed appeared. Fingers crossed that the Matti Jasu & The Loose Train album will soon hit the stores and our hearts. I’m 100% sure that it’s going to be awesome.

Video of the Day #79: Kevin

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

As previously mentioned, the Finnish psych/garage/pop heroes Kevin are back in the game and the new album is due out in 2012. The first single A Lonely Place came out in early november and Finn Andersson has now created a wonderful music video for the song.

Kevin Website

Kevin photo: Risto Vauras

Video of the Day #74: Samae Koskinen

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

You won’t get a big return, if you bet that this song will take the song of the year award here at Hän, jolla on kaikki from Samae’s latest solo album has been the biggest favourite to win that award since I heard it for the first time. Now it also has a music video where nothing or everything happens.

Samae Koskinen Website

The New Tigers debut album out today (+new video)

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Just a quick but extremely important news entry. The New Tigers debut album was released today by Soliti. It’s often fuzzy, sometimes dreamy and always excellent. There’s also a new video for the song Velvet Jam, which you can see below.

The New Tigers – Velvet Jam from appu jasu on Vimeo.

The New Tigers at Facebook

Koria Kitten Riot – An Anthem from the 80′s

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The second Koria Kitten Riot album The Lows & The Highs will be released on 19th of october by Solmu Records. The lead single is entitled An Anthem from the 80’s and you can check it out below (or on Koria Kitten Riot’s brand new website). Kyr Records will release the album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland later on. I’m really looking forward to this.

Koria Kitten Riot – An Anthem from the 80’s from Antti Reikko on Vimeo.

Koria Kitten Riot Website

Video of the Day #69: Mirel Wagner

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I’ve already written about finnish blues/folk singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner a few times (review) and therefore I’ll keep things short this time around. This is the new video for the song entitled No Death and it is so utterly wonderful. The song is an outtake from her amazing self-titled debut album that was released in february, 2011.

Mirel Wagner at Facebook

News: Burning Hearts, Carmen & The Devil, 22-Pistepirkko

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The wonderful pop group Burning Hearts are releasing new material. The follow-up to the excellent debut Aboa Sleeping is still in the working state, but a new Burning Hearts EP Into The Wilderness is already waiting for your heart just around the corner. And don’t worry. It’s not there waiting for you with baseball bat and bad temper. It will only be armed with hugs, kisses, tenderness and beautiful indie pop sounds. The EP will be released by Shelflife Records on june 21st. You can check out the marvellous title track below and pre-order the EP from the Shelflife website.

Burning Hearts at Facebook


Carmen & The Devil recently played a couple of shows with the excellent Damien Jurado and released a second cassette. A few copies might still be left at the best record store in the country (8raita), but if you are not able to get the cassette or have a hard time trying to figure out how you can attach that thing to the usb or dvd drive of your laptop, you can nowadays listen to some of their excellent songs on their soundcloud page. Here are the Carmen & The Devil originals Love Drove My Baby Away and St. John. Visit their soundcloud to hear their country & folk cover songs.

Carmen & The Devil at Facebook


I haven’t written much about 22-Pistepirkko to even though it’s one of the finest bands in Finland. Why? Well because I’ve always felt that my tiny website can’t really give anything to the already well-known bands and therefore I’ve focused on the smaller groups that (at least in my dreamland) might somehow benefit from my amateurish writings. Nevertheless. It would be stupid not to write this. The new 22-Pistepirkko album Lime Green Delorean came out last week and the songs I’ve heard so far sound absolutely amazing. This could be one of their finest albums and considering their brilliant back catalogue, that’s a lot said. Time to visit the record store next week. Here’s Ufo Girl from the new album.

22-Pistepirkko Website

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