Viljami Kukkonen – Joko lähdetään (video)

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Viljami Kukkonen has a new music video for the song Joko lähdetään. It’s an outtake from his 2015 album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu, which was my favourite Finnish album of that year. Jos rakkaus tapahtuu is a finally getting a vinyl release as well. So if you didn’t purchase a copy just because you don’t care for those compact disc thingies anymore, there are no reasons to hold back now. The album is gorgeous and there will be a special church concert to celebrate the vinyl release of it. It will take place at Finlaysonin Kirkko, Tampere on the 11th of November. Check out Viljami’s FB for more information. Here’s the new video for the song Joko lähdetään. It was directed by Teemu Niukkanen.

Viljami Kukkonen at Facebook


Courtney Marie Andrews – How Quickly Your Heart Mends (video)

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I really love the new Courtney Marie Andrews album Honest Life. Definitely an album of the year contender. Only thing left to decide is which year. In the US it came out couple of months ago on Mama Bird Recording Co, but the UK/Europe release will be on Loose Music in January 2017. Damn these different release dates even though I’m sure there are some very understandable reasons behind them. Anyway, the album is brilliant and a huge favourite of mine. There’s also a brand new video for the song How Quickly Your Heart Mends. Watch that below and after that I also highly recommend checking out this recent KEXP Session.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

The Burning Hell – The Stranger (video)

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The Burning Hell have a new music video for the song The Stranger. The song is an outtake from their gorgeous 2016 album Public Library that came out in the spring on BB*Island / Headless Owl Records. Angus Rowe MacPherson directed this video for the song.

The Burning Hell Website

Dori Freeman – Go On Lovin’ (video)

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I made short entry about Dori Freeman’s marvellous self-titled debut album some months ago. A revisit is in order, because the album is still on my playlist and I haven’t posted this music video for the song Go On Lovin’. I’m very fond of this beautiful song. The album came out in February on Free Dirt Records.

Dori Freeman Website

Twain – LA / BMG (video)

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I’ve red that there will be new Twain music coming up in the not-too-distant future. Oh well, I suppose even a day might feel like too distant in this case, because Twain aka Mt Davidson is so brilliant. While waiting for the new stuff, I recommend this incredibly lovely video that surfaced a year ago. I missed it back then and found it about a month ago, but now I’ve watched it more times than I can count. Which in the end might not be as much as you imagined, because my math skills are horrible, but I do love the song and the video.

Oh and I can’t leave this one out either. Here are The Deslondes + Twain singing Run Wild. Hopefully The Deslondes and Twain combo will hit Finnish shores someday.

Twain Website

Hayes Carll – The Magic Kid (video)

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One more for tonight, because I’m trying to catch up after not posting for a month. Hayes Carll dropped a new album Lovers and Leavers during that time. It doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like it. The Magic Kid has become my favourite moment of the album and this beautiful music video probably played a little part in that process. Sure I liked the song from the get-go, but this warmhearted video brought a joyful tear to my eye and added another layer to this tremendous and inspirational song. The song is actually about his own son Eli. This is The Magic Kid by Hayes Carll.

Hayes Carll Website

Jon Latham – Yearbook Signatures (video)

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Oh dear. It’s been a whole month since the last update. Sorry about that. I really should quit before it just fades away, but I’m so stubborn that you’ll have to bear with me at least another six months or so. I’ve been listening and buying a lot of music though. Daniel Markham, Mikko Joensuu, The Posies, Kacy & Clayton, Pony Bradshaw, Sam Moss, Hayes Carll, PURSES, Adeline Hotel, Arliss Nancy, Lost Boots, Peter Bruntnell, Brian Wright (just to name a few) have all released something that already should have been featured on these pages.

Let’s put the ball rolling again by posting this excellent new song/video Yearbook Signatures from Jon Latham. It surfaced a couple of weeks ago on his sessions and it’s another magnificent song from this Nashville-based songwriter. His 2015 album Real Bad News is monstrously highly recommended. This new one is a wonderful song as a whole and then there’s also a little icing on the cake. I really love that Bastards of Young line on it and that little thing he did after singing that line. Here’s Jon Latham and Yearbook Signatures. He also sang a couple of his older songs from Real Bad News in these same sessions. Check them out at

Jon Latham at Facebook

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