Mitä helvettiä nyt taas – Tässä kylmässä kaupungissa (single)

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Mitä helvettiä nyt taas is a new Vaasa-based guitar pop group and they just released their debut single Tässä kylmässä kaupungissa. The band might be new, but you might know the members Timo, Andy, Ove and Paati from other great bands such as The Sugarrush and The Lieblings. If you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve done here at over the past 15 years, you probably should send them a thank you note, because these boys and the music they made in the late 90’s and early 00’s were a big reason why I started this site back then. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to praise them that much over the years, because they haven’t been the most active musicians at least when it comes to releasing the material they’ve written. I’m already on the verge of quitting and I’m still waiting for the first The Sugarrush full-length to actually come out during the existence of this blog. But hey, now is not the time to convince them to release the unreleased The Sugarrush albums, because we have a new song out and available from their new group and it’s mighty good. Mr. Ken Stringfellow also plays guitar on this awesome pop song, if you need some extra motivation to hit that play button right now. Such a brilliant song.

Mitä Helvettiä nyt taas at Facebook


Christian Lee Hutson – I Just Can’t Fucking Do It Anymore (video)

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This week hasn’t been good for humanity. We lost Leonard Cohen, one of the finest songwriters that the world has ever seen and Donald won with that awful hate-driven campaign. In fact, this has been like the darkest nightmare and relating to the title of this new song I Just Can’t Fucking Do It Anymore by the great Christian Lee Hutson isn’t very hard at the moment. It’s a really beautiful song though and if there are actions that it evokes within me, it isn’t quitting. It is to do, to love, to love hard. It’s always love, hate will you get you every time like Nada Surf used to sing. I Just Can’t Fucking Do It Anymore is a brilliant song and I’m very much looking forward to the next Christian Lee Hutson full-length. The fact that I never wrote about the previous one still haunts me, because I have it and I love it.

Christian Lee Hutson Website

Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms – Innocent Road

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This has been a bit of surprise favourite for me. I didn’t know Caleb Klauder or Reeb Willms before I hit the play button, but they sort of instantly won my heart over. Innocent Road is a truly enjoyable album and no matter how brokenhearted it gets, I keep on smiling all the time. Old-fashioned country duets with sweet harmonies and vintage country sounds. Both originals and classics. The song below is their version of There Goes My Love by Buck Owens that might well be my favourite moment on Innocent Road. Whole thing is great though. Traditional American country music done right.

Caleb Klauder Website

Viljami Kukkonen – Joko lähdetään (video)

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Viljami Kukkonen has a new music video for the song Joko lähdetään. It’s an outtake from his 2015 album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu, which was my favourite Finnish album of that year. Jos rakkaus tapahtuu is a finally getting a vinyl release as well. So if you didn’t purchase a copy just because you don’t care for those compact disc thingies anymore, there are no reasons to hold back now. The album is gorgeous and there will be a special church concert to celebrate the vinyl release of it. It will take place at Finlaysonin Kirkko, Tampere on the 11th of November. Check out Viljami’s FB for more information. Here’s the new video for the song Joko lähdetään. It was directed by Teemu Niukkanen.

Viljami Kukkonen at Facebook

Zach Schmidt – The Day We Lost The War

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Trying to catch up on all great albums before it’s time to make those year-end lists in late December. Therefore I purchased a lot of albums last night. One of them was Zach Schmidt’s new album The Day We Lost The War. Only listened to a little bit of it so far, but seems to be filled with excellent american songwriting. Zach Schmidt is originally from Pittsburgh, but is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are my early favourites Dear Memphis and Company Man. I think I relate to the latter one a little more than I would prefer. You can buy/listen to whole thing on his Bandcamp.

Zach Schmidt Website

Al Scorch – Circle Round The Signs (+Jess McIntosh)

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I saw Al Scorch live at Capitol, Stockholm a few months ago and really enjoyed the concert. I also brought home the vinyl copy of his new album and it’s been on heavy rotation during this fall. Al Scorch is a Chicago-based banjo player, songwriter and storyteller and his latest album Circle Round the Signs came out on Bloodshot Records in the spring of 2016. It ranges from fast tempo banjo picking to beautiful ballads and everything works wonderfully. This is Everybody Out from the new album.

And here’s an album cut City Lullaby from Half Top Sessions Performed by Al and Jess McIntosh. The same line up was on their recent Euro tour where I saw them.

Jess McIntosh also has her own solo album Long Time Exhaling. I need to focus on that sometime soon, because everything I listened tonight on Bandcamp sounds extremely good. Here’s a song called Bigger. You can buy / listen to all of it Bandcamp.

Al Scorch Website
Jess McIntosh Website

Hiss Golden Messenger – Heart Like a Levee

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I struggled with North Carolinian Hiss Golden Messenger for a rather long time. Everyone whose taste I trust kept on praising M.C. Taylor and his music, but somehow I just failed to hear the greatness of it. Looking back that seems ridiculous and that ignorance might take away the little credibility I still had left. But yeah, it took me until the song Brother, Do You Know The Road couple years back when I finally heard the light and understood that my heart is a good match with the music of Hiss Golden Messenger.

The new Hiss Golden Messenger album Heart Like a Levee came out on Merge Records on October 7th and it has been a big favourite lately. I’ve spent hours just lying on the floor with headphones on listening to this album. Sorta like my very own yoga session. Might not fix my sore muscles, but sure takes care of the soul. The songs are great and it’s so beautifully arranged. I’m especially fond of the title track Heart Like a Levee, Happy Day (Sister my Sister) and the album closer Highland Grace, but it’s all magnificent.

Hiss Golden Messenger Website