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One Chord To Another is finally back where it should be. See you in here:

Joe Algeri & The Sugarbrits – Merry Christmas (around the world)

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The countdown for Christmas has officially begun, because Joe Algeri’s yearly Christmas song is out and available. The writer of the (should-be) legendary holiday tunes Chris Hillman Christmas and I Saw Santa With A Gun is back with a new song entitled Merry Christmas (around the world). This time the song has a Finnish ingredient as well, because Joe recruited The Sugarrush boys Andy, Coma and Paati to the task. The other guests on this international pop christmas are Lars Brusell (Sweden), Terry Munslow-Davies (Australia) and Joe’s Britannicas colleague Herb Eimerman (USA).

Merry Christmas (around the world) by JOE ALGERI & THE SUGARBRITS

Oh and there’s another international pop hit that should have gotten its own blog post a week or two ago, but I was too busy with the day job. Joe Algeri and Herb Eimerman are also behind this along with the power pop wizard Dom Mariani (DM3, Stems, Someloves) and Stefan Johansson. Their name is Green Beatles and The Basement is the name of this stunning pop song.

The Basement by GREEN BEETLES

Year 2011 Round-up Part 1: Small Houses, Hezekiah Jones, Chris Bathgate, Stranded Horse

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I think it will go close to Christmas (or even after) until I have the albums and songs of the year lists ready, but I thought I post a couple of quick round-up posts before that. Maybe I should ask Suburban Home is that Micah Schnabel album coming out before the end of the year, before choosing the album of the year. At the moment it seems to be a contest between The Deep Dark Woods and Glossary with Dawes lurking on the 3rd spot and Mummypowder leading the local contest. But last minute changes are always possible.

I’ve become more and more addicted to folk singer-songwriters during the year and Jeremy Quentin (Small Houses), Raphael Cutrufello (Hezekiah Jones), Chris Bathgate and Yann Tambour (Stranded Horse) are new musical heroes of mine. I think I’ve found the first three from the wonderful Canadian blog Slowcoustic and if you like these videos below you should bookmark it (or just make it your home page).

Without further ado, I’ll bring you these great folk songs. Also known as the most beautiful songs of the year 2011 here at the headquarters. I’ve listened these so many times that you need master’s degree in mathematics to be able to count that far. The albums are also fantastic. Well at least the first three. I don’t actually have the Stranded Horse album yet, which is criminal because I love that song. I have to do something with that if the rest of it is even half as good.

Small Houses: Late July (from the album North)

Small Houses – “Late July” from Spencer Wells on Vimeo.

Hezekiah Jones: Lift The Shadow From This Heart (from the album Have You Seen Our Fort?)

Chris Bathgate: Poor Eliza (from the album Salt Year)

Chris Bathgate : Bridgehouse Session Pt. 2 from Mostly Midwest on Vimeo.

Stranded Horse: And The Shoreline It Withdrew In Anger (from the album Humbling Tides)

Klifton Filente – Breaking the Clouds

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It looks like I will be unemployed for the next three weeks. Not a perfect scenario, but the big plus side is that I finally have the time to write about the albums that I’ve fallen in love with during the last few weeks/months. Klifton Filente’s new album Breaking the Clouds is definitely one of them. This singer-songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden is a big favourite of mine these days. He won my heart over with the previous album Common Ground and this new one is equally wonderful. I can’t understand why all indie pop blogs in the world aren’t writing about Jonas Lundvall’s Klifton Filente. I think he is pretty amazing and I’m totally into his sweet and beautiful pop songs. You can download these awesome releases for free from his bandcamp.

This is the opener Foremost of the Westerners:

Foremost of the Westerners by Klifton Filente

Klifton Filente at Bandcamp

Greg Pope – Monster Suit

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Greg Pope is a multi-talented guy. The power pop circles know him as an excellent pop singer-songwriter, but apparently he is also a film director. This latest album Monster Suit is actually the official soundtrack for the short film Giant Monster Playset directed by Mr. Greg Pope, but it works beautifully also as an individual piece of pop art and contains several fabulous pop tunes. For example this song entitled Soulless Heart is a slice of melodic pop heaven.

Trailer for the movie Giant Monster Playset:

GIANT MONSTER PLAYSET, trailer from Greg Pope on Vimeo.

Greg Pope Website

Joe Pug Live at Lincoln Hall

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I think another great songwriter Kasey Anderson first got me into Joe Pug. Either him or the blog ninebullets. Or Kasey writing for ninebullets. Either way this happened sometime last year, I later bought the album Messenger, fell in love with it and it was one of my top 20 albums last year. Now ninebullets alerted me about the new live album and I have to do my small part in spreading the gospel.

Chicago’s Joe Pug is one of the greatest folk troubadours at the moment. Everyone seems to think so, but of course that’s a bit of a perspective illusion. In the bigger picture he is still relatively unknown, but in the world I live in, he is extremely highly respected and about 90% of the blogs and webzines I read (and whose opinion I trust) are totally into him. The big news concerning Joe Pug is that he has a new live album out there in the digital world entitled Live at Lincoln Hall and you can buy it for $5. You know that generally I don’t really care for these kind of things, but this guy is something special and you can hardly get a better value for money than buy this thing of beauty for around 4€ or so. Live albums don’t get much better than this. Fantastic stuff.

To get you in the right mood. Here’s How Good You Are from the HearYa sessions:

Joe Pug Website
Joe Pug Store

Video of the Day #80: Matti Jasu & The Loose Train

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Matti Jasu wrote a lot of amazing pop songs for Goodnight Monsters and I’ve been eagerly waiting his new material. Now the wait is almost over. Matti Jasu will perform at Flavour of the Month on friday 2nd of december with his new band and today this cool video of a song called Fingers Crossed appeared. Fingers crossed that the Matti Jasu & The Loose Train album will soon hit the stores and our hearts. I’m 100% sure that it’s going to be awesome.